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5 Reasons You Keep Missing Angel Numbers By One Minute

Do you routinely check the time at 11:11, 3:33, or some other well-known angel number, but all of a sudden you find yourself missing these times by a minute? It’s now 11:12, not 11:11, as the clocks around you begin to reflect the new time. What if you got angel number 334 instead of 333? When you dial 999, why do you get 998?

First, I want to comfort you that missing angel numbers by a minute or a number is completely normal. You need not be concerned about anything at all.

But I want to discuss with you today some of the reasons why you can start to miss angel numbers. If you keep missing angel numbers by a minute, here are five possible explanations.

1- You are out of alignment

You may first begin missing angel numbers by one minute if you are no longer in harmony with your soul’s mission, the cosmos, and your higher self.

This could indicate that you need to tune in to the angels’ frequency more frequently if increased communication is one of your desired outcomes.

We humans don’t always have it easy; life is hectic.

Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile if doing so will allow us to receive guidance from our guardian angels.

Though it’s not particularly challenging, maintaining alignment is an ongoing process that requires regular attention.

However, I’ll let you in on a little secret that will make things much easier if you don’t already know it…

Thankfully, there is a free service that can help you out.

You should get a copy of your numerology report straight soon if you are serious about maintaining frequent spiritual contact.

In a matter of minutes and at no expense to yourself, you can learn a wealth of information about your spiritual energy, karmic path, and lines of connection with the cosmos.

That might not make sense right now, but after you read your own report, everything will click into place.

It’s as if a switch were flipped and you suddenly had a clear picture of how your past experiences and present disposition came to shape your current self.

And without delay you’ll know just what to do next to improve your interstellar communication (which includes both asking for blessings as well as receiving advice through angel numbers.)

When you get eerily accurate, extremely individualised advise and information that nobody else could have possible known about you, based on your exact date of birth, all of the fear and scepticism about whether angel signs are good for you or real totally melt away!

It’s incredible, almost supernatural (and, well, it kind of is).

On the other hand, it is the quickest method of checking your alignment.

That means you can stop stressing over whether or not you’ll make it to the angel numbers in time.

By getting your information directly from the source at the most opportune time, you can rest assured that it is accurate and complete.

Here you may get a free numerology report that will just take you two minutes to generate.

2- The new number is your angel number

A widespread misconception is that angel numbers usually follow a specific pattern, but in reality, any number can be an angel number.

Symbolically and energetically, each and every number has its own significance.

You’re not limited to the numbers 1111, 222, 444, or 2222.

In the realm of angel numbers, any number at all is fair game.

For a sequence of numbers to be considered angelic, they must appear frequently and in different contexts.

Even if you’ve been seeing the angel number 11:11 for weeks straight, and then suddenly it shifts to 11:12, you haven’t “missed” anything.

If it fits the bill, the number 1112 can be an angel number, too.

The angel number 1112 is for you if you suddenly stop seeing 1111 and begin seeing 1112 frequently in many places over several days or weeks.

If this occurs to you, research the significance of the number 1112 and consider how you may incorporate its lessons into your own life.

3- You’ve stopped seeing angel numbers

If you feel like you’re always missing angel numbers by a hair’s breadth, it could be because you’ve stopped seeing them altogether.

For instance, if you frequently encounter the number 1111 and then it shifts to 0111, you might conclude that 0111 is your new “angel number.”

However keep in mind that it needs to be constant and repeated over time.

You may have simply ceased seeing angel numbers if you stop seeing 1111 and start seeing 0111 for a day or two, but then stop seeing 1111.

I have no problem with that either.

The new angel number should start to appear for you once a respectable period of time has passed.

You see 0111 after having 1111 as your angel number for four weeks.

Before you jump to the conclusion that 0111 is an angel number, you should give it at least a week of consistent appearances without the 1111.

It’s not like you’re “losing out” on anything if you go days without seeing either 1111 or 0111.

Angel numbers have suddenly stopped appearing to you.

4- You’ve learned your lesson

It’s also possible that you’ve finally learnt the lesson your guardian angels wanted you to learn, and that’s why they’ve stopped sending you angel numbers.

They’ve moved on to the next lesson at this point, but will not be forgotten.

You’ll need to use some independent judgement here.

Have you recently encountered a difficult situation?

Possibly you’ve been faced with a decision that wasn’t easy to make.

Consider any major shifts in your outlook or perspective that you may have experienced recently.

If they fall in line with the slightly altered angel numbers, it may be a sign that your guardian angels want you to put the past in the past and move on.

You should still look into the significance of the number you’ve been given, since it may include further guidance from on high.

5- You need to take a break from manifesting

Missing angel numbers by a minute or so may also be a sign that you need a break from manifesting and the law of attraction if you’ve been working on them.

While putting your manifestations out into the cosmos, it’s tempting to get caught up in watching for confirmation that they’re on their way.

Yet, while angel numbers can be excellent guides in determining when your manifestation is about to occur, you should proceed with caution.

To overdo it would be quite simple!

Envision yourself asking the cosmos for something and becoming entirely preoccupied with the timing of its arrival.

Seeking out meaning in numbers, angels, and the cosmos.

Stressed out, wondering if everything is a sign.

Angels don’t desire that for you.

They wish for you to make your manifestations from a place of ease, fluidity, and gratitude.

It’s then that you’ll receive signs, although perhaps not in the form you were hoping for.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve become fixated with interpreting symbols.

It’s only human to feel giddy about bringing in the life of one’s desires and receiving the manifestations of their efforts.

Just think about whether or not you could be doing it too often recently.

There’s a good chance your angels want you to take it easy if you find yourself missing angel numbers by a minute or two.

And then the law of attraction will begin to serve you more effectively.

6- Step back or move forward

It’s possible to interpret a minute’s delay in your angel numbers as a sign. Those in the know will understand.

With this in mind, think about where you want the shift to go.

If your number of omissions increases, you should approach the problem with more vigour, conviction, and force.

If your percentage of missed calls decreases, you should ease up and allow things develop naturally.

Say you’re trying to attract the interest of your crush by visualising it…

When you expect the angel number you’re looking for, say 11:11, but instead receive 11:12 since the activity is progressing forward, this could be a hint from the Universe that you need to step up your game.

You may either ask them out on a date right away or set the stage with an introductory text message.

If you see the angel number 11:10, it may be a warning that you shouldn’t try to rush things right now.

Your gut may be telling you to put your efforts elsewhere for the time being if you get the sense that they aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you make of that?

Is it just bad luck that you keep missing angel numbers by a minute?

You should get a free copy of your numerology report to make sure you’re not missing anything important.

Because if you put it this way…

Sure, you’ll get the numerology report, but it’s unlikely to have much of an impact on your life choices if you miss angel numbers by a minute and it’s merely because fresh angel numbers are coming around or because you’ve received your blessing. Although it might be useful,

If you’re not seeing your angel numbers, however, it could be a sign that you’re not living in accordance with your soul’s mission, that you’re headed in the wrong direction, or that your channels of connection with the universe are blocked.

Think about how bad it would be to be unaware of this information that could solve so many problems for you.

That seems like a terrible waste of time.

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