BC Tax Calculator: Tax Brackets, Income Tax, Sales Tax & Property Tax Calculator

BC Tax Calculator: You can check here for tax brackets, income tax, sales tax, property tax, and a lot of other details. The Canadian government receives a substantial portion of its yearly revenue from income tax. During the fiscal year that concluded on March 31, 2018, the federal government’s revenue collection exceeded that of personal income taxes by a factor of three. This article will cover a number of topics, including the British Columbia Tax Calculator, taxes that are levied on visitors, and more.

BC Tax Calculator

The BC Tax Calculator is available online. Tax is calculated on income, capital gains and losses, RSRP contributions, and other items. It is advised to use a reliable website to calculate taxes.

The Federal and Provincial taxes are used to calculate the British Columbian tax. The federal tax rate is 20.06%, and the province tax that residents must pay is 53.5%. These are the levied tax brackets, which range from lower to higher.

The BC Tax Calculator is dependent upon a number of variables, including the type of individual, the business owned, the monthly or annual income, and other relevant factors.

BC Tax Brackets

Certain tax brackets are subject to the personal income tax rates in British Columbia. When a person’s income increases during a FISCAL Year, they fall into a different tax bracket.

Personal Income Tax: Individuals are required to file a tax return detailing their out-of-pocket expenses for the current fiscal year. This is an essential procedure that permits a resident of Canada to purchase real estate, apply for loans, and for other purposes.

Tax Bracket

Tax Rate (in %)

$0 to $45,654


Upto $91310










More than $240,716


The tax rates and brackets that vary over a given period of time are shown in the table above. The British Columbian government has the final say over any changes to the rates.

BC Sales Tax Calculator

With fewer exceptions, the PST on goods and services is 7%. To share financial records with the government, this provincial tax must be paid annually. The sales tax indicates that you are either an authoritative person for a specific item or that you owe a business in Canada.

BC Insurance Tax Calculator

A 10% implied tax is levied on insurance assets that a British Columbian citizen has or will claim. Premium deposits, registration costs, and associated data are among the assets. This amount, however, is negotiable in light of health insurance or any other.

BC Property Tax Calculator

The following taxable transactions are based on market value:

The value that will contain the sum of $200,000 is 1%.
2% is applied to amounts exceeding $200,000.
3% for amounts over $2,000,000
Citizens who own property in British Columbia are obligated to pay taxes on it. Whether or not a citizen is a non-resident of British Columbia determines whether they are subject to an additional property transfer tax.

The amount owed for each of the aforementioned taxes is due on a specific date. If not, citizens will have to impose the penalties. As a result, the taxpayer needs the chartered accountant’s help. These people can assist you with your specific questions because they possess the necessary knowledge and expertise about taxes and the BC Tax Calculator.

Why is it Important to Pay Taxes in British Columbia?

There are certain advantages to filing a tax return that benefit both the government and the people of British Columbia. Tax credits are granted to individuals based on the amount paid to the government. The resident has two options for filing their tax return: online or offline. The form must be specifically filled out with important information and is available online in plain language. For additional help, a chartered accountant can consult the offline method.

Additionally, the official policies lessen the citizens’ financial burden by offering financial assistance. In British Columbia, the majority of residents live alone, necessitating student loans and benefits during periods of unemployment or illness. After that, the government acts appropriately to ensure the welfare of the populace.

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