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Can someone else pick up my Walmart pickup order?

I’m having my Walmart order picked up, but I’d like to have someone else do it.
Yes. In order to have another person available for pickup, please contact our customer service department. Tap or click the “Contact Us” button down here to get in touch. A valid form of identification is required to be shown by the person picking up your order.

If another person is going to be picking up my Walmart order, how do I add them?

Please include a Pickup Person.

Put in your login information.
You need to go to the account tab and click there.
Select See Details next to the order.
If you want to change the current pickup person, click the edit button.
Please include the details of a potential backup pickup driver.

Is a photo ID required for Walmart pickup?

No matter how cheap or expensive an item is, we are required by policy to check photo identification before releasing it to the customer. As well, whoever is picking up the item must be either the primary or backup pick-up person.

Is there a way to have someone else take my curbside order?

Your order is ready for pickup, and you can either drive up and get it, or designate a different person to get it for you. When checking out, you’ll have the option to have a different person pick up your order. The name, email address, and phone number of the person who will be picking you up must be entered.

What are Walmart’s pickup policies?

You can pay for your online grocery order with an EBT Card by selecting that option at checkout on the Walmart website. The Walmart associate will process your EBT card at the time of pickup in order to pay for the purchased items. You can pay with a debit or credit card for anything that doesn’t accept EBT.

Is it possible to switch from Walmart pickup to delivery?

To access your account, visit Walmart online and log in. Find your order under Recent orders and tap or click on it to edit it. To alter the current pickup or delivery time, find it and press the corresponding button. Adjust the time of your pickup or delivery.

Can I order beer for pickup at Walmart?

According to the company, the pickup service is now available at 2,000 Walmart locations across 29 states, and it covers the purchase of wine, beer, and spirits where permitted by law. There is a tab in the Walmart website or mobile app where customers can select to include alcoholic beverages in their grocery delivery.

Can I buy alcohol for pickup at Walmart?

Walmart announced that customers in 29 states, including California, Texas, and Florida, can now buy alcohol through Walmart Grocery Pickup. The service is available at 2,000 Walmart stores across these states. The store will carry well-known labels in addition to products made in the area. There will be dry areas, but alcohol will be available everywhere it’s legal to do so.

Walmart’s curbside pickup procedure, please.
With Walmart’s curbside pickup service, you can place an order online (via the website or app) and have it delivered to the curb (or a designated parking spot), where a Walmart employee will unload it and put it in your car.

Is there a procedure for Best Buy curbside pickup?

The process of Best Buy’s curbside pickup.

Use either or the BestBuy app to do some online shopping.
The option to “Use Curbside Pickup ” will appear on the “Review and Place Your Order” screen.

If I want to use Walmart’s curbside pickup service, how do I do that?

How it Functions

Choose Pickup and the store closest to you at online checkout.
We ask that you please refrain from picking up your order from the store until you have received an email from us stating that it is ready.
The email will tell you where to go to be picked up.
When can I expect a pickup from Walmart, and how do I notify them?
If you’re already there or on your way to the pickup store you’ve chosen:

Try out the Walmart app right now by clicking here.
Choose I’m All Set.
Pickup is where you need to be in the store. Orange denotes the areas where pickups can be made.
Run your barcode through the machine. Employees will be alerted to your wait time.
One of our workers will deliver your food to you.




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