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Can you die if you play with your belly button?

What happens if you tamper with your belly button; is it fatal?

Yes. The bottom of the tummy tuck could be no more than two or three centimetres below the surface. According to Juha’s response, “urachal remnant,” which comes in four varieties, is a possibility. Neither the bladder nor the belly button are associated with urachal cysts.

When do you start to feel some sort of reaction from fiddling with your belly button?

According to him, “at the navel, you have the power to stimulate not only the skin overlying the navel, but also the fibres of the inner lining of your abdomen.”… When you put your finger in your belly button, nerve fibres on the wall of your abdominal cavity transmit a signal to your spinal cord.

I don’t see why you shouldn’t rub your belly button.
You won’t feel the same pressure anyplace near your belly button because you’re not touching the deeper fibres underneath the muscular layer, he explains. “The parietal peritoneum is the inner lining of your abdomen that begins at your umbilicus (belly button).

Do you risk death if you pierce your tummy button?

If you pick at your belly button, you could die, right? It’s possible to die from an untreated infection if you pick at any part of your body often enough to cause one.

Can you harm yourself by sticking your finger in your belly button?

By inserting a finger in the belly button, you stimulate the nerves that send a signal to the spinal cord, telling the urethra and bladder that it is time to empty. This may not be particularly interesting information, but it does mean that you can now urge your pals to do the same and enjoy a good laugh at their expense (in the cause of medical science, of course) as they dash off to the restroom.




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