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How To Put A Gazebo On A Deck: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you choose to build your own gazebo for your deck, the process is more simpler than it first appears, especially if you go with the ubiquitous and trendy pavilion design. If you want to instal a gazebo on your deck, you need refer to the specific instructions that came with your gazebo. Among gazebos, … Read more

What Screws Do I Need For Ikea Lack Shelves? Proof

Ikea Lack Shelves

IKEA LACK shelves were the most productive purchase I made around a month ago, however the lack of included screws was quite annoying. If I had anticipated the need for screws and known what size they were, I could have had them on hand when the shelf was delivered. The ones I had in my … Read more

Spackling On Wood Joints – Will It Work?

Wood Joints – Will It Work

You’ve amassed a little pile of scraps from several previous carpentry endeavours. In the long run, you hope to make use of them, but before that can happen, you need to fill in certain blanks. Is spackle appropriate for use on wood joints, or is there a different substance required? Wood joints can be filled, … Read more

Wood Glue vs. Wood Filler: What’s The Difference

For your latest woodworking endeavor, you’ll need to join two separate planks of wood. If you need to repair some wood, should you use wood glue or wood filler? Wood filler and wood glue seem similar, but what really sets them apart? Here are some distinctions between wood glue and wood filler: Wood filler won’t … Read more

Plywood Sheathing – What Is It And Why Use It

Numerous steps in the building process, like installing new flooring and performing other structural modifications, need choosing a sheathing selection. Plywood sheathing is widely recommended for use in construction, even for something as straightforward as a shed. You must first be familiar with it before deciding whether or not to pursue it. Sheathing a surface … Read more

What Is Whitewood And What Can I Use It For

To the uninitiated woodworker, the term “whitewood” that is often thrown around in the woodworking supply industry can be confusing. The fact that “Whitewood” can mean different things in different contexts only adds to the complexity of the situation. Where does Whitewood come from, and how can it be used? Whitewood is a generic term … Read more

How To Glue Wood To Tile – The Right Way!

Glue Wood To Tile

Gluing wood to tile is a common necessity after successfully constructing a wooden shelf or when attempting to alter the visual appearance of a floor. Is that sufficient? This raises the query… Can tile be glued on wood? With the help of a high-quality multipurpose adhesive, wooden tiles can be permanently attached to the floor. … Read more

Can a Jigsaw Cut a 2×4 and 4×4? Tradies Tricks

Can a Jigsaw Cut a 2×4 and 4×4

You rely heavily on your jigsaw because it is one of your most dependable woodworking tools. You are wondering how thick of wood a jigsaw can cut without burning out the blade. Do you know if it can slice through a 24? Shouldn’t you get a four-wheel drive? Jigsaws are capable of cutting through 2x4s, … Read more

Is Wood Acceptable For Wall Paint?

Wall Paint On Wood

You are now prepared to paint or apply a finish to your woodworking product. You’re cleaning up your storage shed or garage and you find a can of interior paint. The packaging is still sealed, therefore the book is in pristine condition. In light of this, it seems silly to go out and buy new … Read more

Should You Sand Wood After Staining? The Solution!

Sand Wood After Staining

Sanding is crucial in woodworking since it determines the quality of the final product. Recently, I’ve been hearing the opposite of what I do—that sanding should be done after staining—so I looked into it. My research into whether or not you need to sand wood after staining is included below. Sanding wood after staining it … Read more