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Do Bed Raisers Require a Frame? Things to Think About

Arise and shine, early birds! (and bed frame foes). The focus of this article is on bed risers that can be used independently of a box spring.

Most of the time, a bed without a frame is the best option for those who want a minimalistic sleeping arrangement.

Do standard bed risers fit beneath a bed without a box spring? The answer is yes. Bed risers provide the best of both worlds, whether used alone or in conjunction with a thin foundation such as a slatted frame or platform bed.

HUZZAH! But before you pop open that bottle of champagne to celebrate, there is something you should know about placing bed risers under a bed without a frame.

All bed risers are built with the same purpose in mind: to elevate the head and footboards off the floor while minimising the floor support’s overall span.

The applications for upright bed risers are extensive.

In this write-up, we’ll zero in on one particular scenario: whether or not bed risers require a frame.

First, let’s talk about whether or not this is possible, why you would want to utilise them, and some points to keep in mind before you do.

Bed lifts: frame or no frame?

People frequently purchase a bed lift and then fail to make use of it.

In other words, they don’t consider using the risers as an alternative to a frame or slats.
This is, in my opinion, because bed risers have been socially relegated to the status of an accessory rather than a primary component of the problem.

Bed risers are multipurpose and can be used with or without a bed frame, depending on the circumstance.

Bed risers are most effectively used when positioned at both the head and foot of a bed.

Without a doubt, a bed raiser can be utilised without a bed frame.

Although this is not ideal, many bed risers with a higher profile also feature adjustable legs of varying lengths.

The usage of twin leg risers under a frameless bed is often necessary, depending on the length of the bed.

Before going out and buying bed risers, it’s a good idea to figure out how much height you need.

Bed risers

Seeking an explanation of bed risers? How to acquire them, perhaps?

Modern bed risers do their purpose with minimal fuss.

The bed frame can be lifted off the floor with the help of risers, creating a convenient storage area and allowing air to circulate more freely around the base of the mattress.

When compared to a messy base under your mattress, they also offer a more streamlined appearance.

Most commonly used are upright risers made of plastic.

Bed risers under a box spring or slats should be made of plastic because it is durable and simple to clean.

Steel risers have a sleek, modern design but can be a pain to keep clean.

Plastic and metal risers are both suitable for painting or staining to create a truly unique look.

Many bed elevaters are also height-adjustable, which greatly expands their usefulness.

Beds without frames

It’s hardly the first time I’ve seen a bed without a frame.

Even yet, this is not something you’ll find on most pieces of furniture.

Japanese futons are the most well-known example.

Incredibly comfortable, almost like sleeping on a cloud with zero pressure points.

Putting together a bed without a frame is possible.

The mattresses might be placed on the floor and covered with sheets for one option.

But I guess most people wouldn’t call this practical, as resting on the floor in this position isn’t as comfy as in their usual sleeping arrangements.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary because of the potential for injury due to the floor’s unevenness.

A bed without a traditional headboard or footboard and instead consisting of a mattress, pillows, and a base would be still another option.

Although it has the appearance of a camp bed, many people actually use it as their primary sleeping arrangement at home.

I’ve slept on something very similar, and what first struck me was how you couldn’t even tell where the floor was.

The thickness of the mattress makes it so that you barely notice the presence of the ground below you.

Why use bed risers

First, the ground is even.

Install under-bed drawers

Step Three: Raise the Head of the Bed

Always maintain a clean bed.

5. Appearance and appeal

Sixth, safeguard your upholstery

Seventh, prevent water damage by all means

Bed-raising devices: what to think about first

1. Flooring

If you want to keep your home cool and pleasant, wooden floors are your best bet.

However, it is not uncommon to find that the floor is not perfectly flat.

This may occur if the house has settled over time or if it was originally built on a slope and then flattened.

The major issue with floors that aren’t level is that it can cause the bed to jiggle and shift about.

2. Type of bed

Bed risers would be more necessary for larger beds.

The reason for this is the direct correlation between bed size and weight.

More bed risers would be needed because larger beds have thicker mattresses.

3. Covering

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who sleeps in a bed uses sheets.

Sofas and love seats are perfect examples of furniture that could benefit from a bed cover.

Since most individuals who use covers also don’t use sheets, it simplifies maintenance to not have to wash sheets as often.

The main benefit of this is that, unlike a mattress, the cover can be easily removed and washed.

4. Risers

Numerous variations of risers are available.

Some are made of wood, while others are made of metal.

As an additional customization option, risers can be ordered in a wide range of wall thicknesses.

Consideration of this aesthetic choice is necessary when deciding on the riser’s thickness.

It’s not a good idea, for instance, to use the taller risers because they’d be easier to spot when lying in bed.

5. Height of bed

The height of the bed is something else to think about.

There are a lot of people who don’t give much thought to the edge of the bed, but it’s crucial.

The main reason for this is that having a low bed or a bed without a frame may be rendered useless if the bed is excessively high.

Your bed’s ideal height can be calculated by calculating the heights of everything stored under it.

If your bed has a box spring and an underbed storage unit, for instance, you would total the height of those three components.

6. Weight distribution

Supportive mattresses are designed to evenly distribute your body weight as you sleep.
Because of this, it’s crucial to have adequate under-body support for maximum relaxation in bed.

This means that sleeping on a bed with objects under the sheet could lead to complications due to the uneven distribution of your weight.

Raise your bed’s comfort level by adding a frame.

Bed risers are great because they don’t require moving any heavy furniture because they’re only a few slender pieces of wood, plastic, or metal put together in a specific way.

They function as a bed riser since you can put them on a bed that doesn’t have a frame.

You may, for instance, layer metal or wood and paint it in a certain pattern to add some creative touches.

The components that have been stacked on top of each other should be aligned such that they provide the maximum amount of support.

A major drawback of using bed risers is that you won’t have a structure to support your mattress, which may make them feel unstable.

Look for cracks, chips, or bumps in the flooring or subflooring that could compromise the bed risers’ stability.

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