Do You Need a Box Spring for a Platform Bed? Gains, Definitely - Answers & Solutions  

Do You Need a Box Spring for a Platform Bed? Gains, Definitely

Many consumers ponder the pros and cons of platform beds vs other types of beds when they need to replace their mattress.

They want to have complete creative control over the look of their bedroom, but it’s crucial to remember that the mattress could not fit on all beds.

The question of whether or not two mattresses can fit on a platform bed arises frequently while discussing this topic.

Some platform beds can only fit a single mattress, while others can fit a queen- or king-sized bed. There shouldn’t be a problem with this assuming both mattresses are the same size.

Look at the measurements of the bed and the mattresses you intend to use to ensure a good fit.

It’s conceivable to use two twin mattresses on a full-size bed frame.

Hovering over a bed and looking at the base of the frame can tell you whether this is doable or not.

More information, including what what a “platform bed” is, will be provided in a subsequent post.

When asked, “What is a platform bed?”

There are no legs or other support for a platform bed, hence it can also be called a low bed.

Instead of a box spring, these beds have slats running horizontally under the entire structure for support.
Both foam and spring mattresses can be placed on top of platform beds, however the latter may be less preferable due to the height and potential protrusion of the springs.

Keep in mind that many people favour mattresses that have frames and legs as opposed to those that sit on the floor.

If you can’t stand the thought of placing your mattress on top of wooden slats, you might want to look elsewhere.

Is it possible to use a platform bed with two mattresses?

Two mattresses can fit on a platform bed if the beds are around the same size.

Larger platform beds may accommodate an even more voluminous mattress, depending on the specifics of the bed’s construction.

On the other hand, there are times when you’ll need two mattresses.

This is accomplished by placing one mattress on top of the bed’s frame and then placing a second mattress on top of it.

It’s important to have matching mattress sizes in this case.

Otherwise, the plan won’t go off without a hitch. Since mattresses range in both size and design, it’s possible that the top one could shift position while in use.

If you have two mattresses with a platform bed, you might want to try placing the one that doesn’t fit under the frame, with the other on top.

The advantages of stacking two mattresses

Most kids I know enjoy jumping on a bed with two mattresses.

Adults can, of course, jump on a bed with two mattresses, but youngsters usually have more fun doing this.

Do not kick the mattresses when jumping on them; this could cause them to break.

However, this assumption is useful for rousing slumbering toddlers first thing in the morning.

More support is given to your body when you sleep on two mattresses instead of one.

If you’re an adult sleeping on a worn out mattress, you could find that an extra mattress provides more support.

By sleeping in this position, you can alleviate back pain and maintain proper spinal alignment.

When adults have dogs or cats as pets, they may sleep on a double mattress.

They may safely play and leap on the bed, and if their claws get tangled up in the sheets, you’ll have an easier time removing them because of the extra layer.

Because the lower mattress is elevated, it provides more traction and is safer for your pet to jump on.

Is it possible to use an air mattress on a platform bed?

It can be difficult to wait for the delivery of a new mattress if there is nowhere to sleep in the interim.

Air mattresses are useful for situations like this.

When guests or visitors arrive before their permanent bed is ready, air mattresses are a terrific temporary solution.

Some may question if they can use an air mattress on top of a platform bed instead of putting it at the bottom.

Since air mattresses are not constructed to fit on a bed’s frame, this is unfortunately not feasible.

They are too soft to use on top of a bed frame without some sort of foundation.

Platform bed slats

Not using slats on a platform bed can lead to uneven support, movement of the mattress, and noise.

There will be no way to control the height of your mattress on top of the bed without slats or some other type of support structure underneath it.

So, the bed will have to rely only on the box spring or frame for structure.

This may not be the best option if your mattress is particularly thick or hefty.

You risk serious structural damage to your platform bed due to the weight of the mattress.

It’s likely that your mattress will shift and become uneven even if it doesn’t break completely.

While a lighter mattress may reduce the likelihood of this happening, it is still possible.

Also, if your bed has no slats or other support under the box spring or frame, it will create a lot of noise every time you get in or out.

Particularly if the platform is low to the ground, you will observe this.

Your bedroom floor could be damaged if this continues for too long.

Can box springs be used on a platform bed?

Since they are less cumbersome to assemble and relocate, platform beds have gained widespread popularity.

But there are many who don’t like the concept, arguing that box springs aren’t needed with this type of bed if you’re not trying to add height.

Is that the case though?

The lack of a box spring on a platform bed is a serious flaw. It serves a crucial function in keeping your mattress in place, and it also offers many additional advantages.

The use of box springs, rather than only the frame, is preferred by certain customers of this style of bed.

Box springs offer additional stability when installing mattresses on the bed, which is a major benefit.

A mattress might easily fall out from under you if you only have the frame.

However, if you use box springs, your mattress won’t move around.

Having the ability to customise the mattress to each individual’s preferences in terms of height and firmness is another perk of this setup.


Two mattresses can be used with a platform bed.

Make sure they are the same size so that your body is supported evenly as you sleep.

All of a sudden, folks who need a firm mattress or who want a firmer feel can have their needs met.

With the extra height provided by the platform bed, your weight will be evenly distributed across the surface of both mattresses, providing greater support than with a standard mattress alone.

In addition to reducing the risk of injury from falling off the bed, the enhanced stability provided by a platform bed frame makes it a safer option.

It’s ideal for folks who prefer varying degrees of firmness in their mattresses or who have back issues.




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