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How many wpm is considered good?

What wpm is regarded as good?

WPM between 90 and 150 is regarded as FAST, 70 or more is regarded as GOOD or GREAT, and 60 or 50 is regarded as NORMAL or DECENT. WPMs of less than 40 or 30 are regarded as sluggish typing. Thus, a WPM of 90 to 150 or above is regarded as quick!

60 wpm: how good is it?

The term “good” when referring to typing is a relative one. If you only type to send the occasional email and browse the web, 60 WPM with 95% accuracy should be sufficient for you. At the very least, this is above average as the average adult typing speed is around 50 WPM.

Is 50 words per minute a respectable speed?

The average touch typist can type over 50 WPM with all ten fingers on the keyboard, which is about twice as fast as two fingers alone. Please note that this represents the average. Most people are able to type MUCH faster using this technique. One of the modern world’s fastest typists, Sean Wrona, can type at 256 WPM. 10

Is 75 wpm a quick pace?

First off, a two-finger or hunt-and-peck typing speed of 75 wpm is outstanding and much beyond the typical typist’s range of 40 to 55 wpm. So, yeah, the typing pace is quick. 30

Is a 70 wpm typing pace acceptable?

70 WPM is amazing! Typing at or above 57 WPM is considered above average; the average person can typically do it at 41 WPM. It is crucial to remember that a high WPM with poor accuracy is not a desired objective; while measuring a genuine WPM, the time required to rectify typing errors should be taken into consideration. 28

What is a 20-year-typical old’s wpm?

Average Minutely Typing Speed for All Levels – Find Yours Right Here!

The Category Range (WPM)
Adults Intermediate/Average
36 – 45
46 – 65
Extremely Quick
66 – 80
Insane >80

What is a 13-year-typical old’s wpm?

Around 40 words per minute (WPM), or 190–200 characters per minute, is the standard typing rate. Consider this to get an idea of how quickly that is: While experienced secretaries type at an average speed of 74 WPM, the average 13-year-old does so at about 23 WPM.

Can you reach 300 wpm?

Yes, in very brief bursts. People like Kukkain can type more than 300 words per minute when typing short sentences, but when holding the key for an extended period of time,… 200 wpm is the highest that has been sustained for 50 minutes, so it might be possible; however, 300 wpm would probably require a change in our actual finger structure.

Is 200 wpm even feasible?

Average 200 wpm is possible but very challenging. Not frequently, but I bet there are a few who can reach 200. Sean Wrona succeeded in doing so. You can if you have remembered a text or been given a brief text containing widely used terms. 23-

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