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How much do they pay at Ross Dress for Less?

What are the prices like at Ross?

Earnings Per Hour at Ross Stores, Inc.

Various Employment Titles

Retail Sales Associates, on the other hand, may expect to make anywhere from $9 to $15 per hour on average.
Front desk supervisor can make $9 – $17 per week on average, while an assistant store manager can make up to $22 per week.

What is Ross’s wage structure like?

Hourly wages at Ross Dress For Less range from about $10.13 for Asociado/a de ventas to $16.19 for Assistant Store Manager. With positions ranging from Security Officer (average salary: $15,000) to Locator (average salary: $63,916), Ross Dress for Less offers a competitive compensation package.

How much does Ross get paid per hour?

Ross pays its employees every other week, with each pay period beginning on a Sunday and ending on the following Saturday. Payment will be made the Friday following the following Saturday (when the pay period ends). Payroll checks or direct deposits are both options.

How much do salespeople at ROSS earn?

How much does Ross Stores pay for a retail associate? The median annual wage for a retail associate at Ross Stores is $10. Ross Stores’ retail associate compensation can start as low as $4 per hour and go as high as $15 per hour. Wages are based on 210 report(s) of retail associate salaries at Ross Stores, provided by employees or estimated using statistical methods.

I was wondering if there was a discount for Ross employees.
You only get a 20% discount and a 40% discount every three months as a part-time worker at Ross and dd’s discounts. Any worker can take advantage of the EAP and the employee discounts at Ross and dd’s. 6

Is Ross’s pay schedule weekly?

Two-weekly paychecks are issued to Ross employees. 12

When should one go to Ross for the best selection?
Whenever possible, Tuesday should be used for retail therapy. Sign up for Ross’s “Every Tuesday Club” and receive a 10% discount every Tuesday if you’re 55 or older. 10

Does it take a long time to get hired at Ross?

Typically, the procedure takes 5-7 business days (weekends excluded) but you can always call to check on its status. Upon completion of the necessary checks…

Does Ross pay for orientation?

Every minute of your time there, regardless of what you do, is compensated. Orientation is a part of this. You’re right, it is. Once you’ve been hired, you’ll go through an orientation process.

How formal should Ross employees dress?

Employees are free to show up to work in jeans and sneakers. For safety reasons, you should keep your shoes closed at all times, and your clothing should be in good condition with no holes or tears. Hair dyes, piercings, and tattoos are all fair game. Staff members are expected to continue dressing modestly, with no low-cut tops or short skirts or dresses. 18

How often does Ross get paid? Once per week?

Workers at Ross receive biweekly paychecks. 12




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