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How much is birthday cake at Walmart?

What does a Walmart birthday cake cost?

Latest Walmart Cake Prices are Listed Below

Walmart’s Cake Prices for Birthdays, Graduations, and Baby Showers
Prices for whole sheets of cakes range from $43 to $46.
1/2 Sheet $30
1/4 Sheet $19
How much does Walmart charge for a special order cake?
Cost of Wedding Cakes at Walmart

A custom-made sheet cake for 12 people can be purchased for around $10. It costs slightly less than $20 to make a personalised sheet cake that serves 24 people. Depending on the details, you can spend as little as $30 on a personalised sheet cake that can feed 48 people. A handmade sheet cake with 96 servings costs around $43.

What is the procedure for requesting a Walmart birthday cake?

Visit the Custom Cakes Ordering page and create a cake to be picked up at your neighbourhood Walmart. Soon you’ll be able to order a cake online that fits a specific theme. To tide you over until then, peruse the following cake catalogues and place your order at your neighbourhood Walmart Bakery in person or over the phone.

What does Walmart charge for a combo party cake?

Costs at Walmart’s Bakery and Deli

Item Price Change
Birthday Bundt Cake (Serves 16)
Cake Made of Cookies, Only $17.48 (Serves 12)
Prime Della Roasted Turkey 1 Pound – $8.98
$7.98 – –
When ordering a special cake from Walmart, how long should I allow for its preparation?
Depending on where you live in the United States, shipping can take anywhere from three to seven business days.

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How big is a circular cake that’s 6 inches in diameter?
Despite what the diagram may lead you to believe, a 6-inch round cake may easily feed ten people at a wedding or eight people at a party.

Do you recommend the cake from Walmart?

Walmart’s cakes are reasonably priced, which is a plus. In the same vein as the majority of items sold at Walmart. Cake from Walmart isn’t going to blow your mind, but if you’re not searching for something special and simply want something cheap, it can be a nice alternative.

In the midst of this confinement, where can I find a cake to celebrate?

Despite the COVID Quarantine, Here Are Ten Places to Get a Birthday Cake

Conti’s. Pictures of a Banapple by Conti’s. In the metro area, this is the place to go for desserts like pie and cheesecake.
Manila’s Cake Project….
Tim Hortons.. Lia’s Cakes In Season..

Does Walmart do complimentary smash cakes?

When you spend $14.98 or more at Walmart’s bakery, you’ll get a free 6-inch round white or chocolate smash cake.




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