Information on the Hitachi C10FL Table Saw - Answers & Solutions  

Information on the Hitachi C10FL Table Saw

The Hitachi C10FL is a well regarded table saw in the industry. Despite having a respectable blade, this Jobsite saw has generated considerable controversy due to the lack of backing from the manufacturer. As a skilled craftsman, I know how important it is to have access to high-quality equipment. While browsing online, I came across the Hitachi c10fl table saw and ultimately decided to purchase one.

A riving knife is no longer included with the purchase of a Hitachi c10fl table saw, which is otherwise a good tool. Discontinued components like as the thermal reset button, riving knife, and rip fence make this machine expensive and unnecessary.

In this piece, I’ll discuss whether or not the c10fl’s detractors are correct. However, I will also discuss solutions to common issues that may arise after purchasing the Hitachi c10fl. First, let’s talk about the model’s advantages and disadvantages.

a hitachi c10fl table saw
Saw Table Hitachi C10fl
Hitachi c10fl’s benefits
Challenges with the Hitachi C10FL
respectable knife
Difficulty locating replacement components
Most non-industrial, heavy-duty tasks are within its scope.
The pricing used to be great but now it’s not a good deal.
Simple to stow away
Lacks a riving knife and other safety features, making it a potentially dangerous tool.
Cons and benefits of the Hitachi c10fl table saw are listed below.

Is Hitachi c10fl Good or Bad?

The Hitachi C10FL table saw is a worthy investment for any garage or workshop, despite its few flaws. Since it is affordable, durable, and dependable, it will complete most tasks without raising costs excessively.

Once upon a time, c10fl was inexpensive and quickly became shorthand for a bargain. The price has risen to where it is practically on par with that of a DeWalt or Bosch 10-inch (254 mm) table saw.

In spite of the fact that the Hitachi c10fl table saw is a decent all-around tool, it is not worth the price for expert woodworkers.

Hitachi c10fls are great since they can be purchased second-hand for next to nothing from places like eBay or a local used tool store. Even though this table saw is advertised as inexpensive, the additions you make over time will drive up the final price.

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I see, now I see why they put things on sale. Just got home from @Lowes with my new table saw from @Hitachi US @HitachiGlobal. Don’t make me go buy it myself! Send the plastic turn knob my way.
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Is a Riving Knife Necessary?

The usage of a table saw and many types of circular saws necessitates the use of a riving knife. The riving knives that came with vintage Hitachi c10fl table saws were exceptionally strong. Recently, though, there have been complaints that riving knives are breaking or wandering away from the table saw.

It is safer to not use the table saw at all if the riving knife is damaged or loose than to use it with a broken riving knife. If you want to reduce the likelihood of kickback, a riving knife is your best bet. The knife can reduce the severity of kickbacks, but it is still important to exercise caution when using a table saw.

Protecting yourself against kickback is easier with a zero clearance insert, but finding one that suits your table saw might be challenging. My research and personal experience have led me to believe that the Hitachi Zero-Clearance Insert is one of the few accessories that will work with a Hitachi c10fl Table Saw.

Watch this video to see how it’s fastened:

Video Instructions for Installing a Hitachi C10FL with a MJ Splitter and No Clearance at the Wall
For the sake of properly showcasing the cutting action and process, most woodworkers who also upload videos to YouTube opt to ditch the riving knife. However, these craftsmen are usually well-versed in their field and know when to take safety precautions. You may still equip your Hitachi table saw with a riving knife even if the one that came with your old saw is broken or your new saw doesn’t have one.

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I put the riving knife and hood on my table saw again and resolved never to cut another rebate with anything other than my spindle again.
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Can You Add a Riving Knife to Any Table Saw?

Any table saw can have a riving knife installed on it if the user is willing to put in the extra effort required. Riveting knives are available in sizes that are proportional to saw blades and can be used on any table that has an arbor large enough to accommodate them.

The table saw incision must be smaller in diameter than the riving knife. A riving knife that is too thick for a table saw would be a very unusual occurrence. To make a table saw, a router table is often converted.

From my experience, I can confidently say that if you get a high-quality table saw and riving knife from the same manufacturer, you will be able to use them interchangeably. Both the saw blade and the riving knife need to be the right size for the job.

The arc of the riving knife should be larger than the diameter of the saw blade. Riving knives are designed to be used with 10-inch (254mm) blades, thus they can be used with any brand of table saw.

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Can You Retrofit a Riving Knife?

You can install a riving knife in an existing table saw, so long as the sawblade’s diameter is compatible with the riving knife’s reach. The riving knife can be dangerous to use if the distance between you and your target is particularly great.

Using a riving knife in a table saw is unnecessary once you have a dado blade attachment. You can use a riving knife made by any company with any table saw, so long as you look out for a size mismatch and stay away from Dado blades. Retrofitting is possible if there is a size discrepancy, however the riving knife will be useless.

Watch this video to learn how to construct your own riving knife for your table saw.

Create a table saw riving knife
This video shows you how to make a riving knife for a table saw.
A store-bought riving knife will work with a table saw if a homemade one would.

Can I Use Any Riving Knife?

Any riving knife wide enough to form a kickback barrier behind a saw blade and thin enough to fit through the table saw’s slit will do the trick. You can make rival appendages at home, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

How Much Does a Hitachi Table Saw Cost?

U.S. retail prices for a Hitachi table saw range from $449 to $599, with the majority selling for approximately $480. Hitachi table saws are 30 percent less expensive than comparable models from DeWalt and Bosch.

Supply chain issues revealed by 2020’s worldwide lockdowns may lead to price increases. Nonetheless, Hitachi table saws often cost less than $500, while Boch and DeWalt models cost somewhat more than $550.

Hitachi table saws for less than $500.
Just over $550 for a DeWalt.
Over $500 for Bosch
Table showing the differences in cost between Hitachi, DeWalt, and Bosch

How Much Does a Decent Table Saw Cost?

For less than $600, you can acquire a top-tier table saw that won’t break or wear out quickly. Table saws with larger blades can cost more, but even a $600 model is probably too much for the ordinary carpenter.

Almost any non-industrial woodworking project can be completed with a competent table saw and only costs around $420. A blade guard and anti-kickback pawls are standard equipment on these. Even though there’s space for a riving knife, there isn’t one present.

How Much Does a 10-Inch Table Saw Cost?

You can find a quality 10-inch (254mm) table saw at Lowe’s and other woodworking equipment stores for around $199 (brand: Craftsman).

There’s more to the table saw than just a blade and a stand (stand). Also included are blade wrenches, a miter gauge, push sticks, and a blade guard with anti-kickback pawls.

What Is the Number 1 Table Saw?

The most popular table saw is a 10-inch (254 mm) job site table saw equipped with a carbide blade. There is no doubt that the DEWALT 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw belongs in the top slot. The Bosch 10-inch Jobsite table saw is the best option if you’re not worried about the cost.

Don’t even think of replacing your old table saw with a Hitachi c10fl. You should make sure that your 10-inch (254 mm) Hitachi Tablesaw is a model that is better maintained by the manufacturer because Hitachi has started having major spare parts issues.

Hitachi first stated that they would no longer produce the c10fl model’s riving knife. All 10-inch (254mm) blades can be used in riving knives, therefore customers weren’t impacted in any meaningful way. Hitachi stopped making the thermal reset for the c10fl around 2 years ago. One of the biggest factors diminishing the worth of used Hitachi c10fl table saws is this development.

Learn if a table saw can replace a router.

Hitachi c10fl Thermal Reset

In the event of a thermal overload, the tool and the operator should be protected by the Hitachi c10fl’s thermal reset button. The saw’s power supply is interrupted when the circuit is tripped.

An electrical overload is particularly dangerous if you don’t have a thermal reset. The thermal reset button, however, is now difficult to locate due to its elimination from production.

The result is a double whammy for humanity:

Thermal reset keeps being tripped on a Hitachi c10fl.
However, the Hitachi c10fl’s thermal reset button does not activate.
If the Hitachi c10fl thermal reset is interfering with your performance, you can either rewire the table saw to run on a higher voltage or construct a shell around the button to prevent it from being mistakenly pressed. Neither of these issues calls for a replacement thermal reset button.

You should be concerned that the button is faulty on your Hitachi c10fl thermal reset if it does not trip at all. No, there is no need to worry about finding a substitute for that thermal reset since none exists officially.

It is possible to repair your Hitachi c10fl table saw by exchanging the faulty circuit breaker for a non-Hitachi thermal reset at any repair shop that specializes in power tools.

Hitachi c10fl Rip Fence

Professional woodworkers may make fun of the Hitachi c10fl, but they can’t deny that the device’s rip fence is excellent. Hitachi requires a specific rip fence, therefore it’s important to take care of it and not lose or destroy it.

A tool repair business will have what you need to replace your broken Hitachi c10fl rip fence. The cost to fix a broken old Hitachi c10fl table saw typically exceeds the purchase price of a brand new saw.

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For my Hitachi table saw, I fabricated a guard with zero clearance. A big shout-out to @JackmanWorks for the inspiration!
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Who Should Get a Hitachi c10fl Table Saw?

You should be wary of anyone who suggests a Hitachi c10fl table saw. Although it is inexpensive in comparison to other job site table saws, it does have certain drawbacks that we have discussed. There is still need for Hitachi c10fl table saws. I would recommend a Hitachi c10fl if you experience any of these three problems.

You Don’t Mind a Second-hand Table Saw

Your purchase will most likely be a used model. Although some shops may still carry outdated c10fl, the vast majority of retailers have discontinued offering them for sale. There are very few places to get a Hitachi c10fl table saw without paying an exorbitant price.

You Don’t Need Too Many Safety Appendages

In addition to not requiring a riving knife or rip fence, this is yet another reason to invest in a Hitachi c10fl table saw. You’ll be more dissatisfied with the c10fl table saw if you need a lot of extra parts and accessories that are only available from Hitachi.

You Don’t Mind Using Unofficial Parts

You will have to be fine with using unapproved parts if you need attachments and components like a new rip fence. Hitachi no longer manufactures any part of this particular kind of table saw. You should upgrade to the newest model if you want brand-approved replacement components.

A new table saw is needed if you notice any of these things.

You’re receiving upgrades worth more than fifty dollars – Although “only fifty dollars” may seem like a little amount, the cost of repairs over the course of a year might add up to more than the price of a new table saw.
No longer can you buy a fresh new table saw, and when a product like yours is phased out, its replacement parts go with it. Because of this, maintenance expenses may rise over time.
All sorts of accuracy issues plague your table saw: A lack of precision in one area may be due to improper tuning or a broken blade. However, you should shop for a new table saw if it lacks the necessary horizontal, vertical, and dimensional stability and reliability.

What To Look for When Buying a New Saw Table

Make sure the table saw you buy won’t break down frequently or need to be replaced soon after you receive it. For this reason, investing in something of great quality is preferable to gambling on something cheap that won’t last.
This is what you should be on the lookout for:

Inexpensive but unrivaled quality in table saws – Put off trying to save money on this buy as long as possible. Do not try to swindle yourself out of money; instead, be forthright about your financial situation and make the most of the resources you have.
A high-quality table saw that doesn’t cost as much as the others. – Don’t try to skimp on your brand-new table saw. Rather than settling for a subpar saw because that’s all you can afford, save up for a better one.

Final Thoughts

The Hitachi C10FL is a serviceable makeshift table saw, but it’s largely worthless due to the lack of warranty and repair support from the manufacturer.

Considering the price is comparable to a DeWalt table saw and most of the parts aren’t officially available, it’s best to go elsewhere for a table saw. If you’re already the proud owner of a Hitachi c10fl, you can find peace of mind by contacting a repair shop and having them install non-Hitachi parts.

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