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Is it OK to say you are most welcome?

Do I have your permission to say, “You are very welcome”?

The response to “thank you” with “you’re welcome” and the greeting given to a guest at your home are not interchangeable, nor are the words used in the same way. You are very welcome / very welcome indeed / most welcome indeed. 27-

Is “you are most welcome” a proper sentence?

The context determines which of these two statements is more accurate. Most people would say “you’re most welcome” after receiving a statement of gratitude. I truly appreciate the delicious dinner you prepared for me. It is my pleasure to help you.

When thanking someone, how do you properly say “thank you”?

The possessive pronoun is you. You shouldn’t use the possessive form of welcome, “your,” because there is no sense of ownership in the phrase. It’s YOU’RE who has the right idea. You’re welcome is a formalization of the phrase you’re in for, you’re, which is a contraction of you are.

Should I use the word welcomed or welcomed?

At least in the United States, “You’re [most/very] welcome” is the standard phrase. Actually, you got it right the way you said it. The word welcome is an adjective when used in the phrase “you’re welcome” ( If you were to say “you’re talled” or “you’re beautifulled,” no one would take you seriously.

Is it impolite to express gratitude?

It’s obviously rude when the phrase is exclaimed without thanks, as comedians have made popular. You’re welcome” is an excellently polite expression when used graciously.

Exactly what does it mean when someone says “you’re most welcome”?

It means “to the fullest possible extent.” You could be mean or sarcastic if you thanked multiple people but only one of them was actually helpful, so I’ll assume you wouldn’t. Look at the translation. 9

And where is it that we feel the warmest welcome?

When someone expresses gratitude for a favor or assistance, we reply with “Most Welcome” or “You are most welcome” in a full sentence.

To what phrase do you respond a thank you?

I appreciate your gratitude. Sure thing. Cancel your worries.

When someone expresses gratitude toward you, how do you reply?

The Top 10 English Replies to “Thank You”

Thank you very much.
Sure, no sweat.
Don’t fret.
Put it out of your mind.
No problem at all.
It was the least I could do.
Thanks for asking!

How about an alternative to “No Problem”?

What is another word for no problem?

The situation is fine.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about; everything is fine.
all right, thanks a lot





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