Is the Chosen on Netflix

Is the Chosen on Netflix

Ever wondered if the widely popular series “The Chosen” is available on Netflix? You’re not alone! This question is incredibly common among fans of the series as well as new viewers who want to dive into this religious drama series. In this article, we will explore whether “The Chosen” is part of Netflix’s extensive library, and also look into some other platforms where you might be able to watch this critically acclaimed show.

Understanding the Popularity of “The Chosen”

Before we delve into whether “The Chosen” is available on Netflix, it’s important to understand why the series has earned such a huge fan base. “The Chosen” is the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus, and season one was the top crowdfunded TV series in history. The show breathes life into the story of Jesus in a way that has captivated audiences around the globe. If you haven’t watched “The Chosen” yet, you will be intrigued by its unique storytelling approach and high production value.

Is “The Chosen” Available on Netflix?

is the chosen on netflix


Now, onto the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, as of now, “The Chosen” is not available on Netflix. While Netflix hosts a vast array of shows and movies, including religious content, “The Chosen” has yet to make it to this streaming giant’s catalogue.

The Chosen’s Unique Distribution Strategy

Instead of following a standard distribution method via popular streaming platforms like Netflix, “The Chosen” opts for a different strategy. The team behind “The Chosen” has developed a dedicated app available on iOS and Android. By distributing the series through their own app, they retain full control of the content and can directly reach their audience without the need for a middleman.

Alternative Ways to Watch “The Chosen”

Despite not being listed on Netflix, there are a number of alternative ways to watch “The Chosen”. The previously mentioned official app for “The Chosen” is the key place to watch all episodes of the series. Moreover, you can also find “The Chosen” included in the libraries of VidAngel, a family-friendly streaming service, and Peacock TV, the streaming service operated by NBCUniversal.

Looking Forward

While it’s a bummer for Netflix subscribers that “The Chosen” is not currently available on this platform, the series continues to spread its message through its own app and other partnering platforms. Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps one day Netflix will join the roster of platforms hosting “The Chosen”. Until then, fans and new viewers alike have plenty of other ways to enjoy this spiritually enriching series.

In conclusion, “The Chosen” may not be available on Netflix, but its unique narrative and distribution strategy definitely set it apart. So whether you’re a fan or a curious viewer, there are numerous ways for you to explore this groundbreaking series.