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No Pallet Jack? No Problem! Here’s How to Move Pallets

Moving large items about your storage facility or backyard is a breeze with the help of pallets. Moving a pallet without a pallet jack is much more difficult than it seems. As a witness, I can speak to the fact that transporting a heavy pallet is a laborious task.

It is impossible to do so without the proper tools, whether you are attempting to transport it across a muddy parking lot or down a sloped street.

What if you don’t have a pallet jack, though? It takes a mason’s wheelbarrow, roller crowbar, rope and lever, dolly, hand truck, or heavy equipment to move a pallet if you don’t have a pallet jack.

Methods besides using a pallet jack for transporting pallets

Some of the methods I describe here for moving pallets without the use of a pallet jack require manual labour and creativity, though this is not always the case; these methods are especially helpful for people whose homes are located in rural areas, who lack the necessary funds, or who lack the necessary storage space for a pallet jack.

Putting heavy loads, such a stack of pallets, onto a pallet jack might be a hassle if you’re moving a lot of them. Here are some options if you don’t have a pallet jack to help you relocate your pallets.

1.To transport a pallet, a mason will use a wheelbarrow.

Recognizing the difficulty of moving pallets. Pallets frequently fall off the jack, and using the system as a whole is complicated and usually calls for two workers.

An ideal tool for transporting pallets is a mason’s wheelbarrow. In addition to being extremely user-friendly, it also requires no more than a single operator.

When compared to using a mason’s wheelbarrow, moving a pallet by hand is a laborious and time-consuming process.

With a few rapid pushes of the handle, a wheelbarrow may move the pallet precisely where it needs to go.

Any home improvement or gardening supply store should have wheelbarrows available for purchase.
Nothing more than a wheelbarrow and a little muscle are needed to move a pallet across the yard to its destination. You can then transport them to a new area or carry them up or down stairs, ramps, and other similar barriers.

There’s no need for a forklift or any other expensive equipment that you might not have lying around the house either.

2. Use a roller crowbar to move a pallet.

The alternative is to employ movers, but doing so will add significant time to the process.

If a jack is unavailable, though, you need not panic.

A roller crowbar is all that is needed to open smaller pallets.

This tool is more expensive than a jack, but it can be used with much less effort.

A large, wide, flat metal bar is used as the roller in the crowbar, which is then placed beneath the pallet.

With a simple turn of a handle, you may roll the bar under the pallet.

The pallet can then be raised off the ground and slid to a new spot by turning the roller a bit further.

Also, make sure the pallet is sitting on solid ground so the roller crowbar can glide effortlessly through the sand.

3. Use a rope and lever to relocate a pallet.

One alternative method for lifting and relocating pallets is to use a rope and lever.

Make a slipknot at both ends of the rope and secure them to the pallet.

Run the rope below the pallet, then knot one end to the lever, leaving enough slack for the lever to move freely.

Make a loop with the rope around the lever and back over the pallet, then secure the other end to the lever.

Never pull the trigger. Just pull down on the opposite end of the lever.

Applying pressure to the lever’s top will cause the pallet to rise from the floor and release it from the pallet stack, allowing you to wheel it to a new spot.

4. Dolly in a pallet move

A pallet dolly can be useful for transporting pallets.

Easily manoeuvrable and constructed from lightweight materials, a pallet dolly is a useful tool for transporting and storing palletized goods.

Pallet dollies are more manoeuvrable and provide you more control than pallet jacks, yet pallet jacks are more popular and easier to use.

To load a pallet into a dolly, you first need to slide the dolly underneath it, and then use a lever to lift the pallet.

5. Hand truck pallet relocation

Traditional ways of moving a pallet of home goods can be a real struggle, but with the help of a hand truck, you can spare your back without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

A hand truck is a wheeled cart with handles that is used for transporting goods.

Not to be confused with dollies, which also have four wheels but are pushed by hand.

It is possible to use a hand truck with pallets that are less than 2 feet wide.

A hand truck can be used to transport heavy, cumbersome, or otherwise inconvenient items, such as a chest freezer or large boxes of goods.

6. To easily move the pallets, use a sheet.

Pallet jacks are a convenient tool for raising pallets off the ground, but they are far from the only option.

Sheets can be used as guides for sliding pallets, making pallet movement more easier.

Furniture movers and others who must transport big objects (such as appliances) frequently employ this strategy.

It’s not common practise because few people actually have sheets and need to move pallets.

7. Tow large machinery and equipment to shift pallets.

Pallets are ubiquitous and can be found in almost any city or town.

Pallets are a low-cost and time-efficient way to move goods from one location to another.

Because of this, pallets can be found in just about any sector and, on occasion, will need to be relocated.

However, transporting a pallet does not require a large number of people or a lengthy amount of time.

A forklift or skid steer loader, plus a few strong men to keep the pallet in place, is all that’s required to transfer a load.

Depending on the forklift operator’s skill, the entire process can be extremely straightforward and quick.

Use the available pallet jack options

Performing routine maintenance on your home or business will ensure that it continues to appear and work well for years to come.

Many individuals prioritise the elimination (or at least the concealment) of unsightly pallets.

A number of options exist for transporting pallets, all of which are dependent on the size of the pallet and the available time.

Pallet jacks are, without a doubt, a fantastic piece of machinery for facilitating the transfer of many pallets simultaneously.

The issue is that you might not have easy access to a pallet jack.

It is possible to complete the task using one or more of the approaches I described here.



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