Office organisation: tips for filing, desks, etc. – plus a checklist

Order is half of life. Order in the office is no exception here. Whether you are a permanent employee in the office, self-employed or working from home – without the right office organisation, chaos quickly reigns. We have the best tips for filing, the desk and many other areas that could use a little tidiness.

What is office organization?

Basically, the name office organization says it all. It consists of “organization” and “office”. So it’s about organization and order within the office or in general at one’s own workplace .

Office organization or office management is an important core competence if you work as a secretary, but it is also important in the back office, as an assistant to the management or simply in your own office.

Keeping order is not always easy, because it takes some planning to get organized first. For this it is important to know your own work processes in order to be able to plan them and the adjacent organization.

Good office organization also benefits your time management : With a tidy desk, a structured filing system (online and offline) and in a tidy study/office building, you can work much more efficiently, better and more comfortably.

What counts in office organization?

Order in the office – that much is clear. But which areas actually belong to office organization and the associated order and structure? We clarify.

Most of it relates to digital office organization . This area deals with letters/mails, i.e. with the topic of correspondence in general, but also with work on the PC. Everything that happens digitally also needs to be organized and ordered. Be it files on the desktop, minutes of the last meeting or confirmations when you should organize an event. All of this appears digitally on your computer and is virtually in a huge space – this has to be organized and sorted.

The digital office organization can be divided into the following sections:

  • emails
  • desktop
  • Documents
  • notes
  • Miscellaneous

Tips for keeping and preserving order in everyday office life

There are a few tips for organizing your own office both online and offline. In the following, we would like to give you the best tips for documents, filing and the like. So you are well prepared and can, for example, think about a structure for data storage, manage your desk and work paperless at work . All helpful measures to promote your own office organization.

The best tips for the desk

It starts with the office organization in general at the desk. This is often the heart of your work. If it is stuffed full of papers and documents, it is difficult to keep track of things and work in a concentrated manner . In general, a tidy desk also makes a good impression on customers or colleagues. You also have more freedom of movement, you can concentrate better and when in doubt you search less and thus save time.

But how do you organize your desk? With a good filing system . There are several options and ideas here:

  • You can work with different colored folders and use tabs in the folders. Tables of contents are also useful.
  • Alternatively or additionally, you can use storage compartments that provide clarity through their individual labeling.
  • It is important that you use your chosen system and regularly sort and file it.
  • When you write notes (e.g. during a phone call), the notes should not be flying around on the desk. A notebook for notes and thoughts of all kinds is ideal here.
  • A basket or tray for an inbox is also advisable if you have a lot of documents on your desk. Ideally, you can sort and empty this every day.
  • And finally, one piece of advice – the wastebasket , it should also be used. Throwing it away is good and a lot of paperwork is not needed at all.

On the one hand, these measures help you to concentrate , at the same time they save a lot of time and you also leave a good impression on outsiders. A tidy desk also generally ensures order in the head and thus also in your work.

The best tips for documents – online and offline

We’re sticking with notes, but are now expanding this topic to include online documents as well . Office management is not just about papers on your desk, but also on your PC. Here, too, sensible filing in the form of a logical folder structure is useful.

So don’t just collect documents “offline” in a filing system to avoid stacks of paper, but also online. You can use different folders for this , for example a preliminary sorting on the PC desk (desktop). Ideally, you sort documents that you have downloaded or received by e-mail, but also directly into the appropriate subfolders on your PC.

Avoid a big document chaos on your screen. This also causes chaos in the head and costs a lot of time if you are looking for certain documents that may not have such a unique file name.

The best tips in the office

Back in the office, we now devote ourselves to the rest, away from the desk. Order does not only take place on the desk, but also in the whole room. It would do you little if your desk is tidy but the rest of the office is in chaos.

Not every detail of your office has to be in its place, but there should be a certain basic order . You can also find books and other utensils faster and it looks more comfortable and sorted.

Also, keep your decorations to a minimum. In general, minimalism keeps our heads calm, which is why it is not always advisable (also in terms of your own concentration) to clutter up the office and desk with your own small decorative items. But of course you should make yourself comfortable, a good remedy is ideal.

Office organization: tips for communication

Structure and the right organization are also important for communication in general. This applies to all types of correspondence , whether internal or external . Starting with emails for suppliers, through logs for business partners and customers, to notes for supervisors. With all communication, you should first think about what you want to say so that there is a firm structure. Also, make sure your spelling and grammar are correct .

If you need to write a business letter and are unsure how to word certain sections, we recommend reading our blog article on writing a business letter . We also provide you with a business letter template that you can download for free.

organize events

Order and structure are not only important when it comes to your work at the desk and for your own projects. Especially with large events and the corresponding organization, it is important not to get bogged down. Whether conferences, congresses, workshops, trade fairs or simply employee events – if you are responsible for the organization, you should definitely create a plan in advance .

In this case, checklists are ideal , showing everything that still needs to be done. You can tick these off piece by piece and therefore always know where you stand and what still needs to be done. You might add time information to your checklist to plan what needs to be done when or on which days.

The work on the computer

When you work on the computer, it’s not just about documents and emails. Much more is waiting for you and can quickly lead to you losing track. For example, you have numerous training PDFs offline on your desk, but there are also a few tools and programs waiting online.

Our world is fast-moving and in many jobs further training is definitely part of it. It is not always easy not to lose the overview here. Again, our tip that you should work with a checklist and a notebook.

Capture everything you want to do. Which further training courses are planned and which have already started? Make a note of it and also enter the current status or your time spent. This gives you a good overview of your work on the PC – including all other areas.

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