Remove Spray Topper Nozzles from Perfume Bottles

Perfume used to be sold in elegant crystal containers with screw-on caps or detachable atomizers that could be recycled after use.

Premium fragrances still come in beautiful containers that many women (and men) would be proud to display again and again. However, the tops of the spritzers, which may be used to dispense a consistent amount of perfume with just one pump, are notoriously difficult to remove.

If you’re planning on keeping your empty bottles or transferring your new perfume into a decanter-style bottle, you may easily remove the spray top by following the instructions below.

The nozzle itself may be removed without any trouble; removing the cap, however, will take some time and practise.

You will need:

A bottle of perfume belonging to you
Constant ground
Lineman pliers, particularly VAMPLIERS, are recommended.
An extremely little knife, such as a pocket knife

What to Do:

Carefully holding the bottle vertically, pull up on the nozzle to open the scent.
Remove the plastic cap from the bottle’s neck using a pair of scissors or a pocket knife.
The top of the perfume bottle is attached to the metal piece. Use the tip of the scissors or the pocket knife to carefully push up and away from the metal, taking care not to break the bottle. Complete this all the way around the bottle’s rim.
Once the metal piece is free from the bottle neck’s base, you can grab it with your lineman pliers or screw removal pliers. Carefully lift it straight up and away from the cologne bottle. It would be a shame to waste any of the remaining perfume.
Voila! You may now use your lovely perfume bottle for something other than storing your perfume by decanting it into a new bottle.






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