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What Causes a Stripped Screw?

To this day, “how do I remove a stripped screw?”

remains one of the most often asked queries. Using a pair of VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers is the apparent solution, but what causes a screw to strip in the first place?

To begin with, what is a stripped screw?

They’re definitely widespread. When the screw’s head is damaged to the point where it won’t budge with a screwdriver, we say that the screw is stripped.

Stripped screws are the result of both utilising the wrong tools and human error. There are a number of potential causes for a stripped screw, including:

Because of the use of subpar equipment

Overworked and careless employees
To loosen a screw, turn it anticlockwise using a screwdriver (or a drill) held at an angle to the screw.
Not using the right-sized screwdriver (particularly one that is too small)
Using a power drill with a drill bit of the wrong size
The use of a worn-out drill bit
Excessive screw tightening
Using a screw that has already started to peel

Tips for Success

It is important that the screwdriver (or drill bit) you use fits securely into the recess of the screw head without any wiggle room. Keep in mind that the vast majority of electric tools aren’t suited for driving screws. To properly drive screws, you need a tool that can generate torque at low speeds, whereas drills are designed for drilling holes. If you must use a drill, go slowly and be careful not to force the bit too far into the slot, where it could break the screw head. If at all possible, screws should be put in by hand. It’s important to work slowly and with just the correct amount of pressure on the screw.

The head of the screw driver must always correspond with the screw being used. The proper Phillips Head screwdriver, sized to the screw you’re working with, is required when handling screws with this type of head. Phillips head screws and drivers are designed to withstand more force with less chance of slippage.

Be sure that your work is aligned with the axis of the screw at all times. Also, make sure the pilot holes you drill are big enough to accommodate the screws you’ll be using. Ideally, the diameter of the pilot hole would correspond with the inside diameter of the screw thread.

Even the most careful person will have to deal with a stripped screw at some point. To get the tough chores done well, you need the best screw removal pliers available, so turn to Vampire Tools.





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