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What does this mean?

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Exactly what does this mean?

An emoji of crossed fingers, showing the index (first) finger crossed across the middle (second) finger. Popularly used as a sign of good fortune or to express hope for a positive outcome.

The meaning of the texting abbreviation “”
This is a definition. Committing to a promise Close A broken promise is like crossing your fingers in the hopes that it will come true. Forever, I believe that means permanently Never again will you be able to wait, Hope, since something truly incredible is on the horizon. FRIENDS FROM HEAVEN!

Exactly what does this emoji mean?

Implication – Emoji with Fingers Crossed

The “fingers crossed” emoji is a universal sign of good luck or hope. When this happens, people often pray for divine intervention. When telling a “white lie,” some people will occasionally use this emoji or gesture to justify themselves.

If a girl says, what does that even mean?

The emoji for “winning hand,” which represents the “peace sign,” is “.”

What is the slang definition of?

What this means is, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Not to be pinned down to any one interpretation. Implies little more than outstretched hands. Hug is another term for embrace.

A sexual definition of BTW, please.
In the Area of Sexuality:

By the Way (130) Military (13), Medical (11), and Online (9)

Please Note, Big Titty Woman

To what does a man’s “” refer?

Crazy Lookin’

HINT: He enjoys conversing with you. Love alone isn’t enough to sustain a lasting connection. Additionally, it should be enjoyable. One of the clearest indicators that a man is over over heels for you is if he enjoys spending time with you. This emoji illustrates that point perfectly!

A girl’s means what?

Like other heart symbols and emojis, the yellow heart ( ) can mean love, although it’s more commonly used to express like or friendship (as opposed to romantic love).

What slang terms might we expect to hear in 2020?

Our latest round of ” speak for the year ahead” includes everything from humorous to downright bizarre expressions.

That saddens me to see. This expression, which can be used in response to less-than-ideal circumstances, is a recognisable blend of cringe and disappointment.
Alright, boomer. Cap. Basic. Retweet. Fit. Fr. Canceled.
Explain why you think slang is inappropriate.
Many common slang words are grammatically erroneous, and the widespread use of these expressions has encouraged individuals to continue making the same errors. When someone’s language is overrun by slang, they come across as less intelligent and more difficult to understand than those who speak more formally.









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