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What happens if I drink expired Powerade?

What would happen if I drank a Powerade that had expired?

Is it safe to consume a bottle of unopened sports drink that has passed its “expiration” date? … The recommended shelf lives are for peak freshness; unopened sports drinks may undergo some flavor or color changes after that, but they should still be fine to drink so long as the bottle is not broken and the product has been stored properly.

Does drinking old Gatorade pose any health risks?

According to EatByDate, there should be no negative effects from consuming Gatorade past the expiration date on the bottle as long as the bottle has been sealed properly. There’s no need to avoid drinking it because of any cosmetic or flavor differences.

In other words, can you still get sick from drinking Gatorade that has been open for too long?

Gatorade can be kept for a long time after its expiration date as long as it hasn’t been opened. Needless to say, a bottle of Gatorade that’s three years past its expiration date is not going to taste as good as a brand new bottle. However, it should still be safe to consume.

Whether or not it’s safe to consume old electrolytes.
Electrolyte drinks, often known as sports drinks, are commonly made out of water, electrolytes (salts), minerals, flavoring, sugar, or some other type of sweetener, and sometimes even food coloring. There is no way that time will change any of these components so that they become harmful in a beverage. That “expiration date” is most likely the “Best Before” date advised by the manufacturer.

Can water go bad?

Although water does not go bad, bottled water frequently has a use-by date. It is still not recommended to consume water from plastic bottles that are well past their use-by date. 15

What happens to Powerade if it’s not kept cold?

How long does Powerade last without refrigeration? Gatorade, Powerade, and all other sports drinks should not be heated (left in direct sunlight for days) because chemicals from the plastic bottle could leach into the beverage. 21


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