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What happens if you accidentally view someone’s story on Instagram?

Can I delete an Instagram story from my feed?

Deactivating your Instagram account for 48 hours will prevent you from seeing someone else’s story.

If you see someone’s public Instagram story but subsequently block them, would your name remain display on their list of viewers?
After seeing someone’s public story, it will continue show there, even if you block them. The person will simply no longer have access to your profile.

Does Instagram let you know if someone has revisited your story?

There is no way to know if a person has read your tale more than once, even if you can see who has viewed your story. Who makes the list depends on when they watched your story. Even if the user revisits your narrative later, the population will not be restored.

What happens when you watch someone’s Instagram story, then immediately block them?

Can I still be traced if I see someone’s Snapchat story before blocking them? They can see everything you’re watching unless you put up a blocker. Even though you read it while connected to them, it will remain after you block them.

Is there a way to see if someone has viewed your Instagram story more than once?

Instagram users can’t tell if a single viewer has viewed their Story multiple times. From June 10th, 2021, the only data collected by the Story feature is the aggregate number of views. There may be a discrepancy between the number of individuals who have seen your Story and the total number of views.

When you revisit an Instagram story, does anyone know?

Very simply, no. As of this writing, Instagram doesn’t let you know how many times someone has seen your Insta story. It’s the same as clicking “like” on somebody’s post; you can only do it once. In the same vein, repeated viewings will only count as a single view.

Is it possible for a person to see how many times I’ve read their story?

Although you may see who has watched your most recent Story, there is currently no way to tell how many times a specific person has viewed it.

Is there a consequence for revisiting an Instagram story?

The answer is “yes,” but only for a day (people probably didn’t think they’d be much that different from Snapchat stories, right?). The story will disappear from the user’s Insta Stories after 24 hours. Instagram makes it easy to watch Stories several times.




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