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What is the lowest term of 3 10?

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How low can you go with the numbers 3 10?

The simplest form of 310 already exists. To the sixth decimal place, it is expressed as 0.3.

A Method for Reducing Fractions

Determine the GCD (or HCF) of the denominator and the numerator. The GCF of 3 and 10 is 1.
Fractional reduction: 310. In the simplest terms, this means that a fraction with tens as a divisor is 3.

How can you write the fraction 3/10 in its simplest form?

Three tenths written out in its simplest form is 3/10. Prime numbers include the number 3. As a result, it lacks the 2nd and 4th components.


For example, in the lowest term, what does 2/10 look like?

Methods for reducing complex fractions

For this reason, the lowest possible simplification of 2/10 is 1/5.


To what fractional degree does the lowest word belong?

When both the numerator and the denominator of a fraction are relatively prime (i.e., they share no factors except 1), the fraction is said to be stated using lowest terms. (The term “simplest form” is used interchangeably in some publications.) Since 5 and 9 share no factors other than 1, the digits are put in lowest terms to represent the number 59.

How low of a number is 39?

Downgrade 3/9 to the most affordable possible terms

Determine the GCD (or HCF) of the denominator and the numerator. The product of the factors of three and nine is three, hence the GCD of these numbers is 3.
Fraction decreased by 13 Consequently, the simplest form of 3/9 is 1/3.
Determine the lowest term of the number 52 (5 2).
Simply put, the simplest version of the number 52 already exists. In decimal notation (using all digits and the first two decimal places), it would read as 2.5.
Methods for reducing complex fractions

Determine the GCD (or HCF) of the denominator and the numerator. The greatest common divisor (GCD) between five and two is one.
52 is the reduced fraction. Because of this, the simplest form of 5/2 is 5.


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