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What Screws Do I Need For Ikea Lack Shelves? Proof

IKEA LACK shelves were the most productive purchase I made around a month ago, however the lack of included screws was quite annoying. If I had anticipated the need for screws and known what size they were, I could have had them on hand when the shelf was delivered. The ones I had in my emergency supply kit turned out to be useful, and I’d want to report back to you on my findings.

If you want to install your Ikea LACK shelves to a drywall wall, you’ll need five #10 screws (3/16′′) that are around two inches (50mm) in length. To fasten the shelf itself to the bracket, you’ll need two more screws measuring 1 3/16 inches (25 millimetres) in length. The screw’s length is decided by the shelf’s weight and the material and thickness of the wall.

What wall materials the Ikea LACK shelf is not suitable for, how many screws are required for different wall materials, and which screws will damage both the wall and the shelf are all covered in this page.

But before we get to it, let’s take a look at what makes the ideal screw for the LACK shelf so great.

Bracket for Ikea’s Floating Shelves
Support for the Ikea LACK shelf

Screw Material

It is possible to use titanium or brass screws for further strength in some situations, but they are not required when installing LACK shelves. In most situations, a standard steel screw will do the trick. Using the appropriate number of screws, a LACK shelf can be mounted on the following types of wall:

Hardwood, Metal, and Concrete Stone Structures
The weight of the shelf and the material in which the screws are fixed will determine the number of screws required.

Screw Quantity

To secure a LACK shelf to the wall, you’ll need anything from five to eight screws. The shelf’s weight class, along with the shelf’s intended use and the wall’s material, determines the number and size of screws that will be needed to secure the unit. In general, you’ll need more screws if the wall is thinner. The fewer screws you require, the lighter the shelf.

If the screws are titanium, you can get away with using fewer of them, but the reason a LACK shelf fails is always the wall giving way or the mounting material biting into the shelf.

When heavy objects are placed on the shelf, the strength of the screw may cause the shelf to break. As a result, it is preferable to use a larger quantity of lesser-quality steel screws rather than a smaller number of stronger ones.

Use at least five screws to secure the 33-pound shelf, and eight to secure the 44-pound shelf. In order to support an additional 10 pounds after the initial 11 pounds has been added, an additional three screws must be added. If your LACK shelf weighs 33 pounds but can support 11 pounds of weight, then you should only need five screws to secure it. However, it requires 8 lbs if it has to carry an additional 10 lbs (a total of 21 lbs).

You may find screws of varying lengths in this Amazon set, which is why I chose it.
In contrast, if you use more than 11 screws, you may be overloading the shelf.

You’ll need as many screws as there are wooden studs.

Wall material is another factor to think about because you can’t just use more screws or stronger screws to overcome the material’s limitations. Wall plugs are used when attaching something to a wall that isn’t made of material that can withstand high-thread metal screws. Use of wall plugs is recommended for all materials other than metal. If the screws provide enough support, you may not need the plugs.

Screw Support

When installing a floating shelf, there are essentially two options for supporting the screw. As a first option, you can utilise dedicated screw support components to further anchor the screws into the material. Second, you may put things in brackets.

The length of the brackets and the clarity with which they indicate where the screws should be placed make it much simpler to achieve a stable balance on the screws that hold up the shelf. LACK’s built-in suspension-support mechanism means you won’t need to purchase a separate set of shelf brackets.

Screw Size

The use of IKEA’s proprietary suspension support makes it easy to choose the appropriate screw size and type. Get the thickest screw the anchor can handle. Using the image below as a guide, take a look at the holes in the brackets for your shelves that came with your LACK box.

Dimensions of Ikea brackets’ holes
Shelf brackets with holes
The holes here are 6mm in diameter, yet they only measure 5.5mm on a standard measuring device. The 4mm-4.5mm diameter hole is suitable for use with smaller shelves. Larger LACK shelves would benefit from #10 screws, while smaller ones could use #6 screws instead.

Find the largest screw that will fit through the opening. First, I’ll explain why it’s not a good idea to try attaching with thinner screws, and then I’ll list the sizes I found.

A major drawback of using thin screws is that they might rip the wall and the shelf right out from under your feet, along with whatever you might have stored on the shelf. This is why you shouldn’t take any chances by using screws that are even slightly less in diameter than the hole in the bracket.

Now that you know, you may measure your shelf to determine the precise dimensions you need. You are welcome to use my findings in place of the LACK package if it hasn’t arrived.

You may see examples of both countersunk and pan head screws in my illustration. In either case, you won’t go wrong.

Shelving screws are required but not provided by Ikea.
LACK shelves require screws from Ikea.
In the image above, the screw on the left is roughly 2 inches (50mm) in length.

Do IKEA LACK Shelves Come With Screws?

There is a DEFICIENCY in IKEA No screws are included with the shelves, so be prepared to make a separate purchase. Before making a purchase, think about the shelf’s intended wall, its intended load, and its desired size.

Below is a photo of the LACK shelf’s accompanying instructions. Totally useless!

Lack of Ikea shelf instructions
The Ikea shelf assembly instructions are largely useless.
Components of the Walls – You’ll need bigger screws or wall plugs to reduce the surface area and the “bite” of the screws if the wall is constructed of material that the screws can bite through.
No special screws for attachment will be required if your LACK shelf is not designed to hold more than 11 lbs. Be sure to read my piece where I examine the durability of Ikea’s floating shelves.
In terms of size – It’s possible to find a third size of LACK shelf in select retail locations. There should be two or three additional screws for each size above.
For this reason, IKEA does not sell screws, as the required size, material, and quantity vary greatly from home to home. In the event that the company had included standard, generic screws, you would have been paid extra and they may not have been suitable for your drywall.

Ikea shelf brackets have a screw hole.
There is a hole in the shelf’s supporting bracket that prevents the shelf from slipping.
Above you can see a photo of the 7mm diameter holes in the shelf support rails. No threads are present in these holes. They fit easily with the screws that enter the shelf’s face from the front, as illustrated in the following diagram.

Attaching screws for Ikea’s wall-mounted shelving
The shelf front is secured with screws measuring 25-30 mm.

Wall Material and Screws

Let’s think about the various wall materials and how much they impact our screw options.

Specs on the Walling Material, Screw Quantity, and Variety
Common drywall and wooden studs
5mm wide screws, up to 8 of them. Changes in tone and emphasis If your shelf is in a less probable spot to contact studs, then that figure will be lower.
Totally Sturdy Wood
A minimum of six to ten 4.8mm wide steel screws (unless the hole is narrower)
In order to prevent any one screw from biting into shiplap or other wood wall covers/frames, you’ll need a lot of screws.
Screws ranging in width from 4.8mm to 5mm, made of steel, brass, or titanium (unless the hole is narrower)
Screws are less likely to get loose or fall out of a thick metal frame.
Five to eight 4.8mm-wide steel screws (or 3.1mm width with wall plugs).
Durable as it may be, concrete lacks the granularity required to prevent screws from being eaten into. It shouldn’t be an issue if the shelf isn’t bearing too much weight.
Heavy-duty drywall by itself, with 16 5.5mm screws
Wallboard has restrictions that make it impractical to use screws and fittings to install a floating shelf. If you go ahead with the plan, though, you’ll need to replace the brackets with ones that have larger, more secure screw holes. It’s possible that a single shelf will require many pairs of brackets.
A handy reference chart for selecting the right screws for your wall type

Where To Get Screws for IKEA LACK Shelves?

Screws for IKEA Lack Shelves can be purchased from any hardware store, not just Home Depot. Strangely, you won’t get screws like this in IKEA. The Swedish manufacturer provides a spare-parts store where you can buy things like table screws and storage containers.

Here are the several purchase choices you have.

Ask for “screws for a [insert weight] pounds floating shelf to be fastened in [insert wall material]” when you visit Home Depot. Verify that the screws are no more than 5 mm in diameter.
Purchase a screw set from the Big A. When shopping for screws, it’s best to pick a set that includes a variety of sizes, such as this self-driving screw set. These sets are wonderful for adding versatility to your shelf-mounting options, which is why I recommend them.
Engage the services of a handyman – The last possibility is one about which I have no authority to speak. If you need help putting up the shelf, you can hire a handyman. These professionals will charge you for the cost of items like screws, but they will not require you to go out and get them yourself. Due to the obvious lack of need, I have not personally explored this possibility.

What Size Screws For The IKEA LACK Shelf?

You’ll be ahead of the game if you buy the screws for your LACK floating shelf before the shelf arrives. You may also regret your purchase if you don’t carefully consider all of your options. When buying individual screws of a given size, you’ll want to err on the side of the centre, but with a screw set, you can explore and err on the side of thicker and larger screws.

The larger missing shelf requires #10 screws, while the smaller one need #8 ones. The screws must be at least 30mm in length and have a higher thread density. You can use screws as long as 50 mm in depth for really sturdy shelves.

The shelf is under an unreasonable amount of stress if screws thicker than 5.5 inches or longer than 50 mm are required. In that instance, a cabinet might be a better option than floating shelves.

How Do You Mount IKEA LACK Shelves?

In order to hang a LACK shelf from Ikea, you’ll need the #10 or #8 screws that come with it, and I’ve listed those steps below.

Use a Level to Mark the Wall Before You Make Holes in the Wall

Make a note on the wall at each location where a shelf bracket will be attached. This is a really important step because if the holes aren’t even, the shelf will be wonky and everything you put on it will slide off. There is a risk that the screws won’t go all the way in if the holes are too small.

And if they aren’t separated sufficiently, the shelf won’t be stable. Floating shelves from Ikea can be trimmed to size. Take a look at my article where I detail the process.

Use a Drill to Make Holes for the Screws

At least for me, this is a simple matter. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get the screw in, so long as you don’t drill at an odd angle or too far into the wall. The wall material itself may be difficult to drill through, but that’s an other discussion.

Fix the Bracket to the Wall

You’ll need to use screws, washers, and plugs to secure the brackets to the wall after you’ve drilled the hole for them (if necessary).

Place the Shelf in Position

Putting the shelf in its correct location marks a turning point in the process. If you have done everything correctly, you should be able to use secondary screws to secure the bracket to the shelf. As a first step, you can drive the screws in by hand, and then use a wrench to get a good, tight grip.

Final Thoughts – What Screws For Ikea Lack Shelves

Lack shelves from IKEA are easy enough for a beginner to put together so you shouldn’t worry if they look hard at first. If you aren’t sure the size of screw you’ll need, I recommend picking up a combo pack of #8 and #10 screws and proceeding with the steps outlined in the package’s directions or those provided below.



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