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Why is my Amazon in Spanish now

My Amazon suddenly switched to Spanish, why?

On some Amazon pages, you’ll have the option to select your language of choice. Select Language Preferences. Choose the language you’d like to read this article in. Stop making alterations and save.

When I go to in Spanish, how do I switch it to English?

On some Amazon pages, you’ll have the option to select your language of choice.
To switch your favored language:

Navigate to the Language Options menu.
Pick the language you’d like to read in.
Please remember to save your work.

My Amazon keeps resetting to Spanish, what gives?

When you visit Amazon from a foreign link, the site automatically switches the language settings to the language you’re most comfortable using. For example, on Google, it’s simple to do this inadvertently. I found a listing for “Theo Big Daddy Marshmallows” on Amazon, for instance. There was an English snippet in the search results, but the link went to Amazon ES (Spain).

To what end are Amazon’s Spanish-language emails being sent to me?
If you change Amazon’s preferred nation/region to Spain or another Spanish-speaking country like Mexico, the site will display products and pages in Spanish.

Changing Amazon Prime language to English: how do I do it?

Launch Amazon Prime Video. Tap the settings cog next to My Stuff.
Available at

To access your account and its settings, go here.
Select the Language menu option.
Pick the language you’d like to read in.
Where do I find the option to switch back to English?
Changing Android’s Language Setting

Launch the Android device’s settings menu.
Choose “System.”
Select “Input & Languages.”
Click the menu that says ” Languages “.
Use the “Add Language” button.
Just tap on the language you like most to make it the default.

Can you tell me how to switch the nation associated with my Amazon account?

Changing Your Amazon Account Information

Select the Preferences tab under the heading Manage Your Content and Devices.
Select Modify next to Country Settings.
Then, either choose or enter your current address before clicking the Update button.




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