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Woodworkers Guild Of America (WWGOA) Review

WWGOA Review

Every woodworker can learn, grow, and receive assistance from an online resource for the craft. Nevertheless, if you end up signing up for the wrong organisation or website, it could also be a complete waste of time and money.

One of the most popular online sites for woodworkers today is the WWGOA. So is it truly worthwhile to join? In this Woodworkers Guild of America review, we’ll explain it in detail.

What We Like

provides members with access to 100 hours of instructional video at a discount of up to 72% with a coupon
Material is consistently updated
provides discounts on videos and plan downloads and provides short courses for in-person instruction.
Provides a “Ask an Expert Program” and has real specialists and professionals who can offer trustworthy advice

What We Don’t Like

Just the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, Western Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, and a few more countries are eligible for product shipments.

How To Become A Member

There is a membership charge associated with your account if you want to join this guild of woodworkers. You have the choice of a yearly membership or a monthly option, like with most memberships. Both memberships begin on the day you sign up (therefore we advise signing up early in the day) and expire after a full year or after 30 days, as appropriate.

Your membership can be cancelled at any time and will conveniently renew using the credit card you used to sign up. As payment will be accepted 5–10 days before your contract expires, you can have continuous access to all the videos and material in this gold mine (depending on monthly or yearly memberships).

Premium Membership

Potential members have the choice between the Premium and Gold membership tiers. The latter will be covered later.

The premium subscription gives you full access to premium films that walk you through tasks step-by-step. According to our experience, the information is comprehensive yet simple to comprehend, so new students shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with the lessons.

Potential members have the choice between the Premium and Gold membership tiers. The latter will be covered later.

The premium subscription gives you full access to premium films that walk you through tasks step-by-step. According to our experience, the information is comprehensive yet simple to comprehend, so new students shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with the lessons.

What We Like

availability of all premium videos
access to all of the website’s woodworking designs and projects
Annual members receive two free video downloads.
Free downloads of two plans for yearly members
50% off all further video downloads
Sign up for a weekly email.

What We Don’t Like

No courses are offered

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership, which gives all the advantages of premium along with many other incentives, is on a higher level than premium. They give additional savings for downloading videos in addition to an extra 20% off for downloading plans. Each of them can be kept in your own collection for convenient access.

Three classes and four mini-classes are included in the membership, taking it further. Also, you receive a 20% discount on any class you enrol in moving forward. Gold offers you 8 videos and 7 plans for free in place of the 2 free video downloads you get from premium.

The Ask the Expert programme is one of the finest features of the gold membership. While creating wood projects for novice students, this woodworkers guild connects you with seasoned woodworking pros and veterans, even successful woodworkers, for help and knowledge at any time. The professionals offer a lot of value to the membership, and their service is quite prompt.

What We Like

Get a weekly newsletter
discount of 60% off of video downloads
20% off of downloads of plans
20% off on all courses
20% off on all additional items
8 no cost video downloads
7 free downloads of plans
3 courses
4 short courses
access to the Ask the Expert programme

What We Don’t Like

No monthly option


operating a biscuit joiner

Depending on the membership package you choose, there are several benefits, but overall, you’ll receive perks that will make your life as a woodworker lot simpler. Joining can help you comprehend literature like the greatest 2 Story Gambrel Shed Design, which are sometimes challenging for novices.

Products purchased from their website can be delivered worldwide to a number of nations. You can get items in the following nations in addition to the USA and Canada: To mention a few, there are South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, Western Europe, and New Zealand.

Don’t worry if you reside anywhere other than these nations. The website still offers digital content that you may order and receive.

You may take advantage of unrestricted access to all the woodworking industry’s innovation, including videos, projects, articles, and more, in addition to receiving discounts on items. In our research of the Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA), we learned that members may also access comprehensive step-by-step videos and a collection of expert woodworking plans that are regularly updated to provide them with the most recent information.

repairing wood cracks

Also, you may download and save all of your favourite videos for FREE! For gold members, member-only discounts can also be used on purchases and classes. In addition to classes, there are also professionals who will gladly respond to your inquiries and assist you in overcoming challenges along the way.

Real-time mini-courses are provided. The advantages of live courses are well demonstrated by the prompt answers to inquiries and the delivery of instructions. You may study at your own speed and even teach your kids some of the basic material. Simply buy each child a wooden building kit, enrol them in a class, and watch as they grow closer.

There are many articles available for you that are certain to improve your skills as a woodworker if reading text on a page is more your style than watching videos. Despite the fact that we prefer video since we can actually see the demonstrations, we think that text-based classes are equally helpful.

With either a gold or premium subscription, you may access the website’s ready-made videos to learn new skills and strategies. Real professionals created the learning materials and guidance, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

holding an airless sprayer


After analysing the benefits, specifics of membership, and advantages and disadvantages of membership, we get to the most important issue in our Woodworkers Guild of America review: Is it worthwhile?

Indeed, that is the unequivocal response. What this organisation provides cannot be easily obtained through free online carpentry books or articles on the Internet, aside from guidelines, plans, and ideas supported by expert assistance and direction. With instructions that are suitable for use in children’s woodworking projects, it may assist both experienced and novice woodworkers.

To stay up with the most recent knowledge in the field, WWGOA and its team of professionals regularly update the website’s resources. This is true for both membership tiers, however it’s important to note that gold and premium tier members have access to various types of material.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll benefit from one of the finest aspects of membership: the interpersonal connection. A knowledgeable professional can answer any of your concerns, and you’ll experience a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship as other woodworkers assist one another in honing their art. After you establish a connection with them, they may even assist you in selecting the best woodworking software for your upcoming job.

operating a bandsaw


Becoming a member would be advantageous for you if you’re seeking for a website where your interests in woodworking may be encouraged and developed.

Many woodworkers could get into situations when they are stuck on a particular job and no nowhere to turn for guidance. This won’t happen to you if you’re a member since you’ll have the assistance of professionals and access to a vast library of information to inspire you.

If any of these interest you, joining WWGOA is absolutely worthwhile.

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